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Trust, Knowledge, Results

I believe there are two main elements in choosing a real estate agent: trust and knowledge. First and foremost, we must establish trust between us. The most important factor in creating that trust is your belief that I am working in your best interest. As a Buyer, I am working to sell you the right house, not just a house. As a Seller, I am working to sell your house for the most money and with the best conditions, not just to sell your house. The second element is knowledge. The more knowledgeable you are, the better decisions you make. Whether buying or selling, it is my job to expand your understanding of the process.

The goal of my site is to start the process of establishing trust by expanding your knowledge. Whether you're interested in Buying or Selling, Monthly Updated Market Statistics or just browsing the listings, I hope that you will come away from this site knowing more about the process of buying and selling real estate than when you first got here.


We would like to say how much we appreciate you as our real estate agent! You always kept us in mind, you made yourself readily available, and ensured we fully understood everything! You took us from beginners to experts!
Jen and Gord
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