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Last updated 07/26/2019. All content subject to change.

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The Molinari - 1,290 sq.SDSDSDalow

The Garcia - 1,726 sq.ft. Bungalow

The Mickelson (A,B, and C) - 1,848/2,248/2,549 sq.ft. Bungalow

The Palmer (A and B) - 2,185/2,278 sq.ft. 2 Storey

The Player - 2,565 sq.ft. 2 Storey

The Nicklaus - 2,625 sq.ft. 2 Storey


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10 Condor St. Kitchener

15 Condor St. Kitchener

11 Condor St. Kitchener

Lot 40 Condor St. Kitchener

207 Eaglecrest St. Kitchener


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